Conservation of buildings / Rehabilitation of old buildings

Symbiosis of modern technology and the traditional charm of old buildings

Management of old and existing buildings requires special care, as well as specialised architectural and planning knowledge. Paying the greatest attention to details, Jäger & Pachowiak business group rehabilitates and renews existing buildings. We are specialists in solutions based on a balanced combination of the old and the new and in the preservation of original architectural structures. The process includes from stucco elements to antique parquet flooring, historic doors and handles, handrails, ornaments and tiling. In our old rehabilitated buildings we cater for your individual modern desires and needs, and the qualified designers and companies convert them into a perfect reality. As well as modern bathroom and

kitchen fittings, restored parquet or historic tiled flooring, renewed doors and windows, as well as convenient elevators, we make your domestic dreams come true. We can deal with a wide range of properties: ground floors with small gardens, apartments and attics with balconies and terraces in different distributions and dimensions, to live or work in a bright atmosphere. In close coordination with the future inhabitants of the house, Jäger & Pachowiak business group designs sustainable rehabilitation concepts, perfectly in keeping with the character of the building and the expectations of its buyers.