The right quality in the right place

In the past, Karl Friedrich Schinkel was already looking for comprehensive concepts for the urban development of Berlin. Today, Berlin is still presided by these inherited structures. A key element in the philosophy of Jäger & Pachowiak business group is the definition of a global urban perspective, as well as an innovative spirit: for this purpose it is necessary to maintain a comprehensive view. Thus, a solid concept is indispensable, with a correct study of the sites, taking into account the surroundings

and the specific needs of the inhabitants, as well as urban planning. For this purpose, Jäger & Pachowiak business group works exclusively with expert architects and planners as well as specialised craftspeople. Top quality work is the foundation for enduring building quality, both for old rehabilitated buildings and large projects for one or several homes. The right quality in the right place enables us to offer top quality facilities.